Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Benefits of Deploying Software in the Cloud

Over the past few year, 'Cloud Computing' has gone beyond being a technological fad to redefining the way businesses approach and implement software systems.What makes hosting software in the 'Cloud'  so great? Below are some Cliffs notes explaining the very real and very tangible benefits of exploiting Cloud-based software technology.

Reduced Costs: Because cloud technology is often paid incrementally (on a subscription or SaaS basis), businesses don't have to pay as much to get the software implemented. Also, because cloud technology can be deployed on the host's servers,  there is no need for an organization to invest in the I.T. resources or internal hardware needed to house the software.

Automation: Again, because cloud technology is maintained on a host's servers, software updates can be applied automatically. There is no need for I.T. departments to schedule and deploy software upgrades.

Levels the playing field: Because of lower initial costs and the reduced need for I.T. reliance, Cloud computing is accessible to even small businesses looking to take advantage of process enhancing software. This creates a level playing field where companies of all sizes can take advantage of the same technology.

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